FC Barcelona

At FC Barcelona, we seek to aspire to everything and compete at the highest level with love for sport, respect, sporting spirit and teamwork. We understand that this is the only way to really be the best, today and tomorrow. Sport is our passion and means much more than competing. It allows us to train people, and can change societies.

It motivates us, unites us with our colleagues and everyone who watches us. It teaches us to share goals and work together to achieve them. It is a transversal phenomenon that creates bridges of understanding between people, cultures, ages and interests. It is part of our culture and a way of life.



FCBESCOLA is the sports school that follows the FC Barcelona model.

Within the mission of being the most admired, esteemed and global club, FCBESCOLA is one of the main tools to expand the Barça brand around the globe through comprehensive training of the player using the club’s methodology and philosophy. Its main objective is to transmit the values of Barça through a creative and offensive playing style.

Unique advantages

  • Enjoy the experience of feeling part of FC Barcelona and defending its colours.
  • Learn to play soccer in the characteristic Barça way.
  • Coaches trained at FC Barcelona work in liaison with local coaches.
  • Close supervision by FC Barcelona Operations of every FCBESCOLA.
  • Participation in the FCBESCOLA International Tournament, competing against teams from other FCBESCOLA CAMP schools from all around the world.


Comprehensive education of the player, passion for sport and transmission of the values represented by FC Barcelona. And through our projects, to be able to reach every corner of the world to share our philosophy and way of doing things, always seeking excellence and to spread the Barça name.


We seek to become a universal brand and become world leaders in the sporting and human education of players by means of a uniquely differentiated project model, thereby reaching as many people around the world as we can.